Brickcom Provides a Unique Surveillance and Broadcast Solution to Rotary International

Client : Rotary International District 3520
Location : Taipei, Taiwan
Parner : Brickcom Partner
Product Application : Conference & Wireless Surveillance
Solution : WFB-100Ap, WCB-100Ap, BRC64


Rotary International District 3520 held their twelfth annual conference on April 9, 2010 at the National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan. Rotary International District 3520 is one of 32,000 Rotary International service clubs worldwide that brings together business and professional leaders to provide humanitarian service to communities. All members of the Rotary district were invited to attend, but many international members were not able to attend due to distance.

The Rotary Club was looking for a company which could provide high quality cameras, system stability, remote access, and clear image quality. Brickcom manufactures cameras which are designed to provide secure and advanced surveillance solutions for all industries. The Rotary Club approached Brickcom in search of a solution for recording and broadcasting the annual conference. In this case, Brickcom was able to offer a reliable and economic video solution that not only provided a secure environment for the conference, but also allowed international members to virtually participate in the conference events.

A Complete Solution
Brickcom offered a video solution which included an interactive web GUI and PC-based NVR for easy navigation of the 18 Brickcom IP cameras used. 12 Brickcom WFB-100Ap and 6 WCB-100Ap cameras were used to record the conference. New generation Brickcom cameras are embedded with a high performance image sensor that provides high resolution (1280 x 800), real-time video at 30fps. Even in low light situations, Brickcom cameras were able to supply clear and smooth real-time digital images for the conference.

Brickcom applied a mixed wired and wireless transmission solution for the conference in order to save costs by using the existing infrastructure. Brickcom wireless cameras offer 802.11b/g/n dual-band WiFi transmission and H.264, MPEG-4, and MJPEG Triple Codec compression to efficiently transmit video feed while reducing bandwidth and preserving the image quality. The cameras were able to use the existing wireless network on the NTU campus to transmit the video feed. They are able to receive power over an Ethernet cable, easing installation of the 18 IP cameras.

In addition to providing excellent image quality, the Brickcom video solution offered remote access. International members were able to virtually attend the conference by accessing the website The E-map function allowed them to easily navigate the IP cameras and watch either live or recorded video feed from the conference. During the conference events, digital viewers were able to use the two-way audio function of the IP cameras to remotely participate and interact with the conference attendees.

The video cameras were also used to record many of the key events during the conference. With Brickcom’s BRC-64 PC-based NVR software, the Rotary Club could easily schedule the IP cameras to record individual events or continuous coverage of the conference. Each Brickcom IP camera is equipped with a built-in SD/SDHC memory card slot for local storage which ensures continuous recording in the unlikely event of any network downtime.

Final Solution
Unique Surveillance Adaption
The Brickcom video solution for the Rotary International conference provided a unique adaption of Brickcom’s surveillance technology. The Brickcom video solution was able to provide a secure conference environment while allowing international members to watch the live broadcast. Mr. Chang, the District Website Chairman for Rotary International District 3520, said “It is a very innovative activity that nobody has done before. [I was] impressed by the unique adaption of using a surveillance system for security protection and remote conference access. Brickcom’s cameras [were able to] provide not only excellent picture-like [video] quality, but also real-time streaming. We are glad to [have] used a Brickcom solution.”
The Rotary International District 3520 conference was a success and it passed without any security incidents. Members felt secure attending the event knowing that a surveillance system was monitoring the event and the conference. The Rotary Club was also able to enjoy a cost-efficient broadcast solution which allowed international members to remotely watch and participate in the conference.