Brickcom IP Surveillance Solution Enhances Scorpio Factory Security

Client : Scorpio
Location : Cambodia
Product Application : Factory Surveillance
Solution : FB-100Ap, FD-100Ap, BRC64

When Scorpio, a Taiwanese-based shoe manufacturer, was looking to install a surveillance system at their factory in Cambodia, they approached Brickcom Corporation for a surveillance solution. With a large area of 150,000 square meters, the Cambodian site required an advanced and reliable system which would be used to provide 24/7 surveillance and reduce theft of valuable materials. The system would also need to allow for remote access from Scorpio’s headquarters in Taiwan.

Brickcom provided Scorpio with a customized, total solution which included all the equipment and solutions for designing and installing an IP surveillance system. An IP system provides significant cost savings on equipment and installation over other surveillance solutions, while offering excellent video quality and remote access. With 77 IP cameras and a PC-NVR, the Brickcom IP surveillance system offered a reliable and economic video solution which could be easily navigated and managed both onsite in Cambodia and remotely from the company’s headquarters in Taiwan.

IP Surveillance Application
75 Brickcom FB-100Ap and 2 FD-100Ap cameras were installed throughout the 150,000 square meters of the Cambodian site to monitor the production facilities, warehouse, and office buildings. Brickcom cameras are equipped with a megapixel sensor which delivers high resolution, real-time video at up to 30fps. Each IP camera was connected to the local network by a standard Ethernet RJ-45 cable, ensuring a reliable connection and uninterrupted video surveillance.

Brickcom utilized several accessories to maximize the protection and utility offered by the surveillance system. With outdoor enclosures and IR-LEDs, the FB-100Ap models were protected from all outdoor elements and able to provide clear and smooth real-time digital images even in low light situations. Door magnetic sensors and siren alarms were used to protect the key entrances into the site facilities. The sensors and alarms were connected to the cameras’ DI/DO terminals and programmed to operate only during scheduled times. With the schedule control built into the cameras, no external timers were needed.

Due to the large scale of the site, Scorpio needed a central management system (CMS) which could provide efficient control and navigation of its 77 camera surveillance solution. Brickcom designed a CMS which used an interactive eMAP to clearly display the location of each camera. A PC-based Network Video Recorder (NVR) was used to manage the camera recording schedule and recorded video from each of the 77 cameras. To maximize data storage efficiency, the Brickcom PC-NVR offers four flexible recording options: continuous, schedule, motion, and alarm. Paired with Brickcom’s IP network cameras, the CMS and PC-NVR can easily manage the factory site from the control center in Cambodia and offer remote access the surveillance cameras from the head office in Taiwan.

Successful Surveillance Solution
The design and installation of the Brickcom surveillance system at the Scorpio factory in Cambodia has been regarded as a successful example of large-scale surveillance. Since the installation of the surveillance system, Scorpio management has been able to monitor the shoe manufacturing activities from the production line until storage and shipping. With a workforce of over 20,000, Scorpio had previous concerns about employee productivity and theft. The installation of a surveillance system has resulted in an increase in the professionalism exhibited by the workers and a reduction in the stealing of valuable property from the factory, such as fuel and leather.

Brickcom’s IP surveillance solution has exceeded Scorpio’s high expectations and provided an economic solution for the security management of the factory. The 77 IP camera surveillance solution has provided a safer working environment and resulted in higher productivity from the Cambodian factory. The key benefit to the surveillance system is the remote access. Scorpio management and shareholders are now able to efficiently manage and view their remote factory from the headquarters via the internet.