Brickcom Network Cameras provide Casino surveillance system in Lima, Peru

Client : Inmobiliaria Rapid S.A.C.
Location : Lima, Peru
Parner : One In Com
Product Application : Casino & Wireless Surveillance
Solution : OB-100Ap, MD-100Ap, CB-101Ap, FD-100Ap, WFB-100Ap

Inmobiliaria Rapid S.A.C. is part of Admiral Group of Companies (Novomatic) in Lima, Peru. According to the security law, since the location is a casino, Inmobiliaria Rapid must set up a surveillance system. During the solutions research stage, a local systems integrator, One in Com, suggested using Brickcom IP cameras in order to meet the different variants of their particular case. One in Com is a professional provider in the security market who can provide consulting, installation and integration systems among others.

Brickcom Camera Solution
For this installation, the client decided to use different models of Brickcom’s cameras such as : OB-100Ap (Outdoor Bullet Camera), MD-100Ap (Mini Dome Camera), CB-101Ap (PoE Cube Camera), FD-100Ap (Fixed Dome Camera), and WFB-100Ap (Wireless Fixed Box Camera) to fit different conditions. OB-100Ap and MD-100Ap are outdoor cameras with IP67 enclosure, that can work consistently in harsh conditions. The support of Power over Ethernet enables the camera to use the same cable for power and data transmission, eliminating the need of installing an external power supply.

All the cameras offer high efficiency H.264 video compression, which reduces bandwidth and storage requirements without compromising image quality. M-JPEG and MPEG- 4 are also supported for flexibility. Moreover, with the megapixel progressive sensor and removable IR-cut Filter, Brickcom cameras deliver extremely clear and detailed images that CCTV cameras cannot offer. The internal SD/SDHC memory card slot allows for local storage, which prevents data loss if the data connection is lost. Users can view live feed anywhere by internet browser or 3G mobile phone.

With IEEE 802.11 b/g/n wireless compliance, network installation is not restricted by location or landforms. The WFB-100A series can be installed in any location with wireless coverage. It can easily be used to cover remote districts and historic spots.

“We are satisfied with the solution that Brickcom provided. The quality of this solution is very good. Now we have a 24 hours- 365days surveillance system. One In Com and Brickcom can provide complete service in this case.” By using Brickcom’s Solution, the client is now able to monitor the casino remotely and instantly.