Brickcom Fixed Box Camera Provides Event Monitoring in Dubai Shopping Mall

Location : Dubai, UAE
Parner : Info Tech Middle East ( ICT & Security )
Product Application : Retail Surveillance
Solution : FB-130Np, EN-1000

Application Scenario for Outdoor Event Monitoring
For shopping mall, holding event is a way to attract more people to there. In Dubai shopping mall, its’ outside has a water fountain dance during day and night. By using Brickcom’s camera, the VIP of this mall can monitor or watch the event clearly. VIP would like to be able to view the movement on the water fountain when the show began. "We are satisfied with the solution that Brickcom provided. The quality of this solution is very good. Now we have a 24 hours- 365days surveillance system." By using Brickcom's surveillance solution, the client is now able to monitor the water fountain remotely and instantly.
Brickcom Camera Solution
In this case, the end customers needed an outdoor solution and also a total solution(including monitoring software).For this installation, the client decided to use Brickcom’s cameras 1.3MP FB-130Np(with Sony Exmor Sensor) which awarded Secutech camera excellent award. FB-130Np camera is designed for challenging applications which require superior night time performance and HD quality video. The N series offers "Real Time" video at 720 HD @30 FPS giving end user smooth, seamless video. Each camera offers H.264, MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG triple codec compression for optimum compression, lower storage requirements, and faster transmission. With outdoor enclosure (EN-1000-1), FB-130Np can against bad weather condition.
The video cameras were also used to record many of the key events during the conference. With Brickcom’s BRC-64 PC-based NVR software, the Dubai shopping mall could easily schedule the IP cameras to record individual events or continuous coverage of the conference.