Brickcom Fixed Dome IP Camera Secures a Chain Furniture Shop in Spain

Client : IKEA
Location : Murcia, Spain
Product Application : Retail Surveillance
Solution : FD-130Ap

Application Scenario for Shop Entrance Surveillance
Setting up a surveillance system in shops can help improve the profitability of the stores, the personal safety and it can also assist in providing a better service to customers. WAF Estructuras Digitales together with Prosegur, introduced Brickcom IP camera to IKEA Murcia. A megapixel IP system was installed using Brickcom FD-130Ap 1.3 megapixel network camera to capture detailed images in critical areas such as the entrance of the shop. The excellent video quality and high resolution image meet the requirements for IKEA. With an efficient high quality surveillance installed it is now safer for the customers to shop. It can also provide evidence should a crime, an argument or an accident occur. This network video surveillance also helps improving the workforce planning and it assists on loss and fraud prevention. Furthermore, the network surveillance system reduces the time for the control centre to investigate suspicious incidents and the system itself acts as a deterrent for criminal behavior.

Solution & Benefit
Brickcom FD-130Ap cameras were installed in the Murcia IKEA shop to monitor the indoor area especially the entrances. The installation combined Brickcom FD-130A 1.3 megapixel network camera with WAF software for the management. The 1.3 megapixel camera allows them to do digital zoom to get a closer look at the image details within the store. The FD-130Ap Network Camera is a full-featured, 3-axis, fixed-dome, network camera with a megapixel progressive sensor and built-in IRcut filter/ IR illuminator LEDs/ Auto Light sensor. Brickcom FD-130A features a wide-angle and vari-focal lens, which offers wide view coverage and flexibility of installation. It supports Power over Ethernet which enables each camera to receive power through the same cable as for data transmission. The DI/DO function allows the client to connect the camera to external alarm and sensor devices for added security protection.