Peru Restaurant Choose Brickcom Surveillance Solution

Client : Los Guizos Arequipenos
Location : Arequipa, Peru
Parner : One In Com SAC
Product Application : Restaurant Surveillance
Solution : OB-100Ap, OSD-040D

In the city of Arequipa, Peru, rich and known for its culinary tradition, this prestigious restaurant has placed all its confidence in the security and surveillance system provided by the Brickcom Cameras. The restaurant “Los Guizos Arequipenos” with a capacity for over 600 people. Brickcom IP network cameras keep surveillance in all its areas form the car park to Dining room as well as the service Areas.

Solution & Benefit
To achieve both an exterior and interior surveillance platform, outside Bullet OB 100Ae and the OSD-040D cameras were applied to this project successfully, meeting the requirements requested by the management of this restaurant. All the events are recorded and stored on a NVR.
Today Brickcom Cameras provided the peace of mind to both the owners and the public that come and enjoy their meals and recreational activities at this venue.