Tanning Salon Keeps Its Profits Intact with Brickcom IP Surveillance Cameras

Client : Tanning Salon in USA
Location : MI, USA
Parner : Vortex Computing
Product Application : Entertainment Surveillance
Solution : FD-100Ae, VD-100Ap, FD-100Ap

Having been stolen products and services worth $7000, the business owner hopes to build an inventory surveillance system while ensuring that the tanning salon is providing high-quality service. A surveillance system can help the owner to control employee accountability by monitoring their performance remotely. Moreover, the video feed can help manage customer liabilities and verify the validity of customer complaints concerning tanning results. For example, if a customer claims that a bed is not cleaned, the video feed can prove that an employee has entered the room with cleaning supplies before the customer in question uses the room.

The business owner acquired a few second-hand Brickcom cameras and was impressed by their performance. Under Vortex Computing’s strong recommendation, the customer purchased additional Brickcom products instead of other brands. After evaluating the environment, they decided to install FD-100Ap, FD-100Ae indoor fixed dome network cameras and VD-100Ap vandal dome network cameras in the salon, with a PoE solution to transmit data and power at the same time. This solution makes the cabling easier. One of the installation requirements was that the cameras have to be mounted on fiberglass ceiling tiles. Since no back plate was provided with the cameras, Vortex Computing designed a solution using small pieces of wood as a back plate for the cameras. The cameras worked very well with the creative solution, and the installers implemented it without a problem.

“Brickcom provides a very customizable, extremely user friendly interface, and high quality products,” said Sam Rand. In addition, the employer stated that he has had much greater peace of mind since the security system was brought online. Also, there seemed to have been an increase in employee productivity.