Brickcom Provides Surveillance Solution for Padel Tarragona

Client : Tarragona Pádel Indoor
Location : Cataluña, Spain
Parner : WAF
Product Application : Sports Surveillance
Solution : FB-500Ap, BRC64

The Tarragona Pádel Indoor, a sports club in Spain, intends to provide an extra service with high resolution video for their clients while they play games in the arena. The athletes can benefit from the video as an analytic material to improve their skills during their training.

Tarragona Pádel Indoor is a club with the best paddle facilities in Tarragona. There are totally 7 indoor arenas and 3 outdoor arenas in Tarragona Pádel Indoor, including arenas for beach volleyball, areas for basketball, locker rooms, gyms and playground for children.

The club intends to add an extra service for athletes during training. The club wants to record high resolution video while the athletes play the games in the arena as an exercise analytics. After the game, the athletes can watch the video to see how they can improve their skills and strategies to win the game.

To meet the needs for recording games, E-SINTESYS (installer) decided to use Brickcom FB-500Ap, 5Megapixel Fixed Box Network Cameras, to provide high resolution video quality in this case. They installed the Brickcom FB-500Ap in the arenas, using the PoE technology to transmit data and power via the same Ethernet cable, and record the video data through the Brickcom software BRC64. Thanks to this solution, the club is able to offer a better service to their clients with the video playback function, and the clients can watch the games and improve their skills accordingly.

The Brickcom recording system makes it easy for clients to export high resolution video data and the club can thus provide specialized training service to their clients.  As a result, this service has become an effective marketing tool for the club to promote itself.

Feedback from the Client
The client was very satisfied with this solution. Tarragona Pádel Indoor has set a monitor in their cafeteria to display the recording video., Apart from recording video for post-analytics, the cameras also serve as a part of the indoor security surveillance system.