Brickcom 5MP Cameras Help Achieve Quality and Cost Control for Mushroom Suppliers

Location : Spain
Parner : WAF
Product Application : Factory Surveillance
Solution : FB-500Ap

EUROCHAMP provides fresh mushroom produce and works with a group of partners who are mushroom producers. The mushrooms are classified according to their quality and the suppliers are paid accordingly.
After being paid, sometimes the providers did not agree with the classification applied to their produce nor the price of it. This was a big problem, as there was no way to determine if the suppliers were right or not. Eurochamp needed a solution to control the produce they receive and have a system in place to verify the data provided by the suppliers.

To help make the mushroom classification process as transparent and fair as possible, WAF added new TIC qualities to their current manual selecting process. They have followed a protocol consisting of weighing and the subsequent selection of a random sample of the batch delivered. This sample is taken to a separate room where they examine the mushrooms manually. This is where the selecting and monitoring begin and they installed 2 Brickcom 5-megapixel network cameras at different view angles for the monitoring, one for panoramic view and the other for the work table to capture the details. The digital vision elements were added to the Eurochamp’s traceability system, allowing barcodes to be printed on the sample sheets and the data to be reused in the captured video. In this way, the database becomes more complete and accurate.
A plus to the process is a search interface that allows the partners to match the result of the product selection with potential claims, and this implementation brings about a very positive outcome for both the employees and partners.

The solution provided by WAF and Brickcom covered the need to control the mushroom classification process by video. Thanks to the high quality of the cameras, monitoring is achieved without any loss of resolution.
The integration with their ERP system and Oracle database allows the video to be integrated with the data provided by the suppliers.

The system can search data by vendor, date, time, etc., which improves the efficiency of verifing the claims of the suppliers for the Quality and Purchasing department. This saves time and cost.
For the suppliers, this system becomes a tool to control their products and to guarantee that Eurochamp pays according to the correct classification.
For the end customers, this purchasing review results in a level of quality control and the beginning of an analysis of traceability in the production process of Eurochamp.