Neo Solar Power Improving security with Brickcom IP Surveillance Cameras

Client : Neo Solar Power
Location : Tainan, Taiwan
Parner : Quicken System Integration
Product Application : Factory Surveillance
Solution : OB-100Ap, FD-100Ap

Neo Solar Power (NSP) is a leading solar cell manufacturer and their third factory just started to operate in Aug 2010. NSP needed a total solution to monitor the building which includes Entrances, office, lobby reception and guardhouse. Brickcom provided outdoor camera OB-100Ap and indoor camera FD-100Ap to realize a clearly video and reliable surveillance system.

Neo Solar Power (NSP) was founded in December 2005. NSP is a leading solar cell manufacturer specializing in research, development, and manufacturing of high efficiency solar cells. NSP's management team consists of inter-disciplinary experts in semiconductors, electronic systems, silicon raw materials, solar cell processing, and solar energy system engineering. As the pioneer of combining semiconductor manufacturing discipline and seasoned solar technology development, NSP aims to become major contributor to bring solar energy a competitive energy source for the mankind

To build up a complete security system, NSP selected OB-100Ap and FD-100Ap from Brickcom’s full range cameras. OB-100Ap Outdoor Bullet Camera is designed for outdoor video surveillance, which is certified with IP67 outdoor enclosure. The ability of rust and dust resistant was exactly what NSP was looking for. OB-100Ap also has many user friendly features such as the smart focus capability which allows users to adjust the lens settings remotely for excellent image quality without difficult procedures. Support for Power over Ethernet enables the camera to use the same cable for power and data transmission, eliminating the need to install an external power supply.
FD-100Ap Fixed Dome Camera is especially suitable for wide open spaces such as building entrances and public places.FD-100Ap has removable IR-cut Filter and auto light suit for both day and night environment.

Brickcom cameras also provide the advanced image sensor profile management function to adapt to the variable environments. With this feature, the user has the ability to set various sensor and lens attributes in a profile, including the brightness, contrast sharpness, saturation, exposure, de-noise, white balance, iris, IR-cut.

In the past, the company used analog cameras for security surveillance. However the analog system couldn't realize both real time and easy management surveillance system, besides the number of employees and offices are increasing, they needed a more clever solution to enhance the security system. NSP saw the benefit by having an IP-Surveillance solution to record and playback even change the camera settings by schedule easily. Furthermore, Brickcom is integrated with most major VMS partners so there won’t be any compatible issue they needed to put into consideration. In the future, this system can also be integrated with access control and alarm systems for advanced security needs by DIDO control. NSP was not only satisfied with the video quality of Brickcom cameras but also really enjoyed the user friendly interface and the total solution idea th