Brickcom Provides Long Distance Wireless Solutions

Client : SA Automasjon
Location : Buskerud, Norway
Parner : Scan Secure
Product Application : Wireless & Residential Surveillance
Solution : WOB-100AP-73, WAP-350N, GEM04-222060, POE30U, NR-04A, PS-588I

Background for outdoor and residential surveillance
The increasing security requirements are no longer only required in commercial and public sectors, but also in residential property sector. SA Automasjon is an installer and provides field installations in Norway. For the purpose of one of its residential application projects, the surveillance system was requested to be set up in a wide private field to oversee two local gateways. Any suspicious activities shall be monitored by the owner anytime and anywhere to protect his own property, especially any attempted forced entry. With BrickOne Solution, our partner- Scan Secure is able to recommend Brickcom’s Wi-Fi Bullet Camera, Wireless Outdoor N Access Point, Network Video Recorder etc. as a total solution.

Brickcom Camera Solution
The biggest challenge of this field surveillance system is the long distance between the gateways and main house, which is approximately 800 meters and woods in between. However, Brickcom’s outdoor wireless solution overcomes the difficulty.
Brickcom Wi-Fi Bullet Cameras WOB-100Ap and Brickcom outdoor wireless solutions were deployed. The camera WOB-100Ap supports all functionalities required and most importantly the dual band Wi-Fi capability. Working with Outdoor N Access Point WAP-350N, Wi-Fi Dual Band Antenna GEM04-222060, and Network Video Recorder NR-04A, it offers good video quality without any interference by the woods.

Brickcom WOB-100Ap is equipped with IP67 weather proof, dust and rust resistant enclosure, IR LED for true day and night outdoor surveillance purpose. The camera’s high megapixel resolution and high frame rate possibility delivers clear and detailed images. And the unique SmartFocus feature allows user to adjust optical zoom and focus easily from the camera web GUI. The climate element was highlighted since the residence is located in Norway. The built-in fan and heater of WOB-100Ap efficiently function by endurance from -40 to 60 degree Celsius as the normal camera in the current market endures merely above -10 degree Celsius. All above features are well admired by the client.

The recording solution is provided by Brickcom Standalone Network Video Recorder NR-04A. Using NR-04A allows the client to remotely monitor and playback up to four Brickcom network cameras.

The boss of SA Automasjon said, "The WOB-100Ap camera suited the installation perfectly and performed well. We also deeply appreciated Brickcom's complete camera, remote operation of zoom lense, IR light, long distance network capability to ensure the surveillance of our house." BrickOne Solution offers customers a one-stop shopping for all the equipments needed to build a wireless residential IP surveillance system. Our client also can quickly and easily build a secure surveillance system by Brickcom Wi-Fi Bullet Camera and Network Video Recorder. With the complete solution and ease of operation, the surveillance system was quickly installed and derives trust from the customer.

Application Scenario

Equipment List

Model Name Product Name Quantity
WOB-100Ap Megapixel Bullet Network Camera 2
NR-04A Network Video Recorder 1
WAP-350N Wireless Outdoor N Access Point 1
GEM04-222060 Wi-Fi Dual Band Antenna 3
PS-5881 8 Port 10/100M PoE Fast Ethernet Switch 1