Customs House Chittagong Monitors All Entry and Exit Points with Brickcom IP Surveillance Cameras

Client : Customs House Chittagong, National Board of Revenue (NBR)
Location : Chittagong, Bangladesh
Product Application : Public Surveillance
Solution : FD-100Ae, OB-100Ae

Customs House Chittagong controls the import and export of goods into and out of the country to collect the tax in Bangladesh. They were looking for a new and scalable IP surveillance system to monitor the access to the exit and entry gates. Due to the weather and the constantly changing outdoor lighting conditions, the cameras were required to have good light sensitivity and response, as well as sharp video quality during the day and at night.

Bangladesh Customs is working under the umbrella of National Board of Revenue (NBR). Customs House Chittagong collects 70% of Bangladesh's import and export revenue.

To build up a complete security system, Endeavour Technologies Ltd. selected the OB-100A and FD-100A cameras from Brickcom’s wide camera line. The FD-100A indoor cameras are installed in all the revenue collection offices, and the OB-100A outdoor cameras are installed at all the port exit and entry gates .

The OB-100A Outdoor Bullet IP network camera, which is IP67 certified, provides great dust and water resistant capability and is exactly what Customs House Chittagong needs. The OB-100A camera also offers many user-friendly functions, such as SmartFocus® which allows the user to adjust the zoom and focus remotely.

The FD-100A Fixed Dome IP network camera is suitable for the wide open areas such as the lobbies, building entrances and rendezvous spots. The FD-100A is equipped with the removable IR-cut filter, light sensor and IR LED for monitoring both during the day and at night.

With the Power over Ethernet support, only one single cable is needed for each OB-100A and FD-100A for the data transmission as well as power, eliminating the need for an additional power supply. And Brickcom's Intelligent Multi-Profile Sensor Management® offers the user the ability to set up various image sensor profiles for the camera to adapt to different environments

This site is a government area with high sensitivity, so the operation staff has to monitor all the entry and exit points of the port to have the full awareness and theft-proof all over the custom house offices. With the benefits that the Brickcom camera offers, now Customs House Chittagong can easily monitor their staff, users, all the incoming and outgoing vehicles, in the high quality video 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. “The Brickom IP network cameras are user-friendly and very easy for installation, commissioning and operation” says Sihabudollah Shawon, project manager of Endeavour Technologies Ltd.