Turkish Hospital Secured with Brickcom Complete Solution

Client : T.C. Ministory of Health Metin SABANCI Baltalimanı Orthopedy Hospital
Location : Istanbul, Turkey
Parner : KOMSEK
Product Application : Hospital Surveillance
Solution : FB-300Ap, FB-130Np, FB-100Ae, OSD-040E, VS-01Ap, PS-588I, PS-7242IL, NR-1604

T.C. Ministory of Health Metin SABANCI Baltalimanı Orthopedy Hospital is located in Istanbul, Turkey, and is one of the biggest public orthopedic hospitals in the country. In order to maintain the safety of people in all the departments and service units, and respond instantly to any indicents that occur in the campus, the hospital board decided to cover the entire hospital with the IP video surveillance system.

There're many different service units in the campus, and so the video surveillance requirements vary with units. Meanwhile, there're already some analog cameras in place. A complete and comprehensive IP video surveillance system is therefore highly anticipated. KOMSEK proposed the total solution for this hospital, including a few different cameras, NVR, video server, and the network infrastructure equipment. In addition to the Brickcom cameras which support up to the 3-megapixel video streaming, the VS-01Ap video server is adopted to convert the analog video to the IP video and transmit the IP video to the NR-1604 NVRs in the central room. Furthermore, the PS-588I (8-port) and PS-7242IL (24-port) PoE switches were also deployed to construct the network infrastructure. Brickcom's product portfolio consists of the IP network cameras, video server, NVR, surveillance accessories, and network accessories, collectively known as "BrickOne Solution", offers the one-stop-shopping and total-solution service, as well as the hassle-free and efficient tech support for installation, commissioning and maintenance.