Brickcom Network Cameras Provide HBSP Surveillance Solution

Client : HBSP (Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park)
Location : Hsinchu, Taiwan
Parner : GW Instek
Product Application : Industrial Surveillance
Solution : FD-100Ap, FB-130N, OB-100Ap, PS-7242IL-AT

The Executive Yuan announced "Specific District Plan of Taiwan Knowledge Economy Flagship Park" project on 1st of June, 2001 In order to develop Taiwan’s bio-medical technology and make this industry the next main engine for Taiwan’s economy growth. This project is also listed as part of the "Plans for National Development"

To achieve the objectives proposed "Specific District Plan of Taiwan Knowledge Economy Flagship Park” project, the Taiwanese government is actively establishing three bio-medical science parks. These three bio-medical science parks include "Zhubei Bio-medical science park”, "Nankang Bio-medical science park” and "Southern Taiwan Science Park”. The Council for Economic Planning and Development highlighted that the purpose of establishing these three bio-medical science parks is to "increase the competiveness of Taiwan’s bio-medical industry and enable Taiwan to become one of the leading countries in global bio-medical technologies”

The Jhubei Biomedical Park is focused on pharmaceuticals and medical equipments. The pharmaceutical industry is described as biotechnology companies engaged in research and development for new medicine that meets the criteria stipulated in the Ordinance on Biotech Industrial Development of R&D for New Medicine. The medical equipments industry refers to medical equipment companies that have been classified by the administrative authority at the Central Government level as second and third class business and are deemed to have the potential for research and development.

The objective of this project was to monitor the office building and traffic surveillance around it. Brickcom provided the total solution with Network Cameras, Network Video servers, Ethernet cable, PoE switches, and other related equipments. Providing a flexible structure and different equipments for every scenario, Brickcom reduced the total cost of the project and simplified the supply of the equipments into a single contact window. The implemented system also allows an easy way to manage and monitor every part of the surveillance system in a digital way.

A Complete Product line to Meet Different Needs. BrickOne Solution Surpasses the Expectations.
Brickcom has a complete product line to meet different customer needs in varying environments. For the entrance and parking space, the customer chose OB-100Ap (outdoor bullet camera). The OB-100Ap featured with Smart Focus function, made it very easy to adjust the focus, and it reduced the installation labor cost. In the elevators, the FD-100Ap (Fixed dome camera) was adopted. The camera includes a built-in infrared light which assists in providing clear high quality images even in a low light situation or total darkness situation. For the indoor application, the customer chose FB-130Np (Fixed box camera). This camera uses a Sony EXMOR sensor to provide a reliable image quality in night vision and low light condition scenarios. Brickcom cameras equipped with a superb profile-management setting enable the power user to adjust a wide range of different parameters according to different environment and scenarios.

Easy Installation, Lower Cost & Flexibility for Expansion
In this case, Brickcom provided the solution to transmit video surveillance images of different floors to six 24-port PoE Switches via Ethernet cable and the data was transmitted to a one Giga 24-port PoE Switch in the central management room. Compared to analog CCTV which needs separate cables for both power and data transmission for each camera, the solution Brickcom offered was easier and more cost-effective to install. The PoE function transmits both data and power via the same Ethernet cable. This reduces the cabling material and installation time. In the future, when the building or the park needs to expand the surveillance system, cameras can be easily added without changing the cabling infrastructure of the building. Brickcom is also able to provide a wireless transmission solution if the security system in the future needs to expand to different buildings.

Equipment List


Model Name Product Name Quantity
FD-100Ap Megapixel Day & Night Fixed Dome Network Camera 7
OB-100Ap Megapixel Bullet Network Camera 24
FB-130Np Megapixel Day & Night Fixed Box Network Camera 46
PS-7242IL-AF 24-port 10/100M PoE+Web Smart Ethernet Switch 1
PS-7242IL-AT 24-port 10/100M PoE+Web Smart Ethernet Switch 6