Spanish Nursing Home Taken Care of with Brickcom Cameras

Location : Logroño, Spain
Parner : Masscomm / WAF
Product Application : Healthcare Surveillance
Solution : VD-501Af, FD-501Af

Gerontoiregua sl is a company based in the city of Logroño, La Rioja, Spain. It is dedicated to the construction and operation of the residence for the senior citizens. The residence is located 10km away from the city of Logroño, with 220 rooms for the care of the senior people.

Teaming up with OSABA Group Security & Personal Details, Gerontoiregua sl deployed the comprehensive system to achieve various purposes, including maintaining the safety of people, protecting the properties, facilitating the communication, and improving the response to the incidents. This system consists of the PBX communication system, patient care system, security control system, etc. As a whole, this system makes the administration work a lot more efficient.

The Brickcom FD-501Af fixed dome camera and VD-501Af vandal dome camera are adopted to construct the IP video surveillance system. The FD-501Af and VD-501Af cameras are capable of delivering the Full-HD 1080p video, or the maximum 5-megapixel resolution video, offering great image details to the management, either during the day or at night. The VD-501Af is both weather-proof (IP66) and vandal-proof (IK10), which is suitable for the outdoor environment. These cameras are integrated into the WAF platform to co-operate with the access control and presence system to achieve a higher level of security. When something unwanted happens to the resident or property, the administration is able to take immediate action. Furthermore, the video search and playback can be conducted based on the specific events or time, which allows the administration to collect details intuitively and quickly.