Thai Toyota Dealership Achieves Customer Satisfaction and Security Control with Brickcom Cameras

Client : Toyota Car Dealership
Location : Bangkok, Thailand
Parner : Bacom Internetwork / PSL RAMA 9 / Step Five Engineering
Product Application : Retail Surveillance
Solution : FD-130Ae, OB-100Ae, OB-300Ap

A car dealer store is one of the key factors determining the brand image perceived by the customer. In addition to the common services like the test drive, maintenance and repair service, attentive sales representatives, the car dealerships are always trying to offer new services to achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction and set them apart from other competitors.

With this in mind, PSL RAMA 9 and Step Five Engineering helped a Toyota dealership in Bangkok build a video surveillance system. The size is around 80 Brickcom cameras, covering all over the places including the front desk, office, show room, service area, etc.

The requirements vary with different parts of this car dealership. For example, the showroom is inside the building but a big part of it is separated from the outside by merely glass, and therefore the light level is highly changeable during the day. The FD-130Ae day-and-night dome IP network camera supports Auto Iris to adapt the iris size to the light level in the room for the best image. Each car in the show room is surrounded by several FD-130Ae cameras and the view of all aspects is delivered to the TV wall for the guest.

Another example is the service area, where is partly exposed to the outside. Although the car owner may like to see how his/her car is being serviced, this place is typically not pleasant to stay. The OB-100Ae and the OB-300Ap outdoor bullet cameras are deployed for their dust-proof and water-proof capability. The major spots are taken care of with the OB-300Ap, which is a 3-megapixel camera with the SmartFocus function, allowing for the Full-HD 1080p video streaming and the need to zoom in/zoom out.

This video surveillance system actually "kills two birds with one stone", because it not only gives the customers a special experience (i.e. seeing the live video feed of different places at one time), but also offers the visual access to each monitored area for the staff to respond quickly in case an incident happens.