Thai Air Force Dormitory Secured with Brickcom IP Cameras

Client : Thai Air Force Dormitory
Location : Bangkok, Thailand
Parner : Olin Hall Technology Co., Ltd
Product Application : Residential Surveillance
Solution : FB-100Ae

As the intrepid guarding force of the Thai aerospace, the security of the Thai Air Force staff is the same important as Thailand’s aerospace security. As part of the Thai military district, the security of the Thai Air Force dormitory can never be over-emphasized.

When it comes to the video surveillance system for such a military property, the video quality and reliability and intrusion prevention/detection capability are all key factors to qualification. To meet Thai Air Force’s strict criteria, Olin Hall Technology offered 140 Brickcom FB-100Ae IP cameras to offer the all-time surveillance and recording service covering the whole area.

The FB-100Ae is a day-and-night camera, capable of delivering the high-definition video in the H.264 video compression format, and at the same time providing the motion detection function for the efficient use of the network bandwidth and storage space. In addition, with the PoE support, it is quite easy and convenient to power the camera via the Ethernet cable. The Brickcom FB-100Ae fixed box IP camera offers the unsurpassed quality with affordable price, which is another key factor that makes the client impressed and satisfied.