Taiwanese National Science Council Jhunan Science Park Chooses Brickcom as Their IP Surveillance Solution Provider

Client : Taiwan National Science Council
Location : Miaoli, Taiwan
Parner : GwinStek
Product Application : Industrial Surveillance
Solution : MD-100Ap, FD-100Ap, OB-100Ap, OSD-040D

The Jhunan Science Park in Miaoli, Taiwan is filled with 40 companies from the Biotechnology, Telecommunications, and Photoelectric industries. With over 10,000 employees working in the park as of October 2010 and more employees being added every day, security was a growing issue within the park. To manage the security in the Science Park, there is a new central management building, police station, and fire station in the park. A Brickcom IP surveillance solution was chosen to monitor the Jhunan Science Park from the central management station.

In this case, Brickcom provided s a complete IP surveillance solution which offered all the needed surveillance equipment; reliable, picture-like image quality; lower total installation cost; and a reliable security system which is easily expanded for future needs.

HD Image Quality and Ease of Management
Brickcom cameras are embedded with a high performance image sensors and CPU which supports H.264 compression to provide megapixel, high-quality video while reducing the transmission bandwidth and storage requirements. The networked system enables the network of cameras to be easily managed from the central management station. Administrators can securely monitor all corners of the park and respond to events as they occur to ensure the complete safety of the park and the 10,000 employees.

Brickcom’s Complete Product Line Meets Different Conditions
Brickcom provides a complete product line which can meet different security environment. With several analog cameras already installed in the park, the Taiwan National Science Council wanted to reduce installation costs by incorporating the existing infrastructure into the new IP surveillance system. With the help of the Brickcom VS-01Ae Video Server, the customer was able to integrate the analog cameras into the IP system, thus using the existing analog infrastructure while enjoying all the benefits of an IP-based surveillance system.

For monitoring one building, the Taiwan National Science Council installed outdoor OB-100Ap Bullet camera at the entrances of the building. The Smart Focus function of the camera eases installation and reduces costs by allowing users to remotely adjust the camera’s motorized-focal lens through the web GUI. Inside the building, FD-100Ap Fixed Dome cameras were installed. With a megapixel progressive sensor and built-in IRcut filter/IR illuminator LEDs/Auto Light sensor, it can provide 24-hour, indoor surveillance. The MD-100Ap Mini Dome camera is suitable for elevators where its sleek design blends in with the interior of the elevator and its wide angle view lens can survey all corners of elevator. Outside of the building, the Brickcom OSD-040 Outdoor Speed Dome camera was installed to monitor the roads. The OSD can circle 360 degree at up to 400º per second and it can be controlled remotely from the central management station to track desired objects.

Easier Cabling & Higher Flexibility
In this case, Brickcom provides the solution to transmit video surveillance of several different floors to 7 24-port PoE Switch via Ethernet cable and the data was transmission to a 1 Giga 24-port PoE Switch in the central management room. Comparing to CCTV which need separated cables for both power and data transmission each camera, the solution Brickcom offers is easier and more cost-effective to install. The PoE function can transmit both data and power via the same Ethernet cable, reduce the cabling material and installation time needed. In the future when the building or the park needs to expand the surveillance system, cameras can easily be added without changing the cabling infrastructure of the building. To expand the security system to different buildings and connect it to the central office, Brickcom is able to provide a wireless transmission solution.

Wireless Solution, Unlimited Possibility
Besides of the existing system, Brickcom also provide wireless transmission solution to meet the future needs for expanding the surveillance system in Jhunan Science Park. Brickcom has more than 20 years experience in wireless technology and can provide the wireless transmission technology necessary for installing and creating a wireless surveillance system. The Dual Band WiFi IEEE802.11n technology and or WiMAX for long distance transmission enable security systems to be installed with decreased cabling and installation costs, unrestricted by landforms and cabling infrastructure.

Equipment List

Model Name Product Name QuantityM
MD-100Ap Megapixel Mini Dome Network Camera 4
FD-100Ap Megapixel Day & Night Fixed Dome Network Camera 30
OB-100Ap Megapixel Bullet Network Camera 16
OSD-040D 36x Speed Dome Network Camera 19
VS-10Ae 1 Channel Video Server 11
PS-7242IL-AF 24-Port 10/100M PoE+Web Smart Ethernet Switch 1
PS-7242IL-AT 24-Port 10/100M PoE+Web Smart Ethernet Switch 6