Brickcom Cameras Help Japanese Supermarket Cashier Management and Customer Loyalty

Client : Japanese Supermarket
Location : Japan
Parner : R.O.D Co., Ltd.
Product Application : Retail Surveillance
Solution : VD-100Ap, CB-101Ap , CB-102Ap

The supermarket is almost undoubtedly an integral part of people's life - maybe an integral part of many people's daily life. A big popular supermarket can have over 10,000 kinds of goods on the shelf and have thousands of people coming in and out every day. With the huge volume of people and transactions each day, running a supermarket is surely an enterprise-grade business, and it is always an issue to ensure the correct and fast transaction as well as identifying the preference of customers, which is key to maximizing the revenue, profit and customer loyalty.

A major chain supermarket in Japan worked with R.O.D to deploy the megapixel IP surveillance system. Around 200 cameras are installed in 5 of its new supermarkets. The CB-101Ap and CB-102Ap megapixel cube IP cameras are installed at each counter to monitor the transactions. Thanks to the tiny, low-profile and elegant design, the CB-101Ap and CB-102Ap cameras are immersed in the environment and the cashier staff won't feel uncomfortable with them. The CB-101Ap and CB-102Ap are PoE-ready, which means one network cable is enough to power on and view the camera. The CB-102Ap can go with the CS-mount lens, and therefore provides a high flexibility in the lens choice.

The VD-100Ap megapixel vandal dome IP cameras are installed in the shopping area to watch the the customers' behavior. They are used not only for the security purposes, but also for achieving a higher level of customer stickiness. By watching the customer's behavior in the shopping area, the management can figure out if a merchandize is a "hot seller", a "potential hot seller", or "no interest". If a merchandize can draw many people's attention but few of them purchase it, the management will be aware of this situation and try to come out with a plan to spur the sales. Furthermore, the management can identify the "golden route" in the shopping area, which is the path or places most people pass. Such information is very helpful for them to conduct the promotions effectively or improve the layout of the shopping area.