Brickcom Cameras Bring a Coffee-Making Tour to Coffeeholics in Spain

Location : Logroño, Spain
Product Application : Retail Surveillance
Solution : CB-100Ae

CAFETERÍA BREZO is a coffee shop run since 2005 in Logroño, Spain. In the past years, the shop owners have made lots of improvements in the coffee section, including the change of the machines and the in-depth training to employees to ensure the best coffee all the time. In order to meet the customers’ needs, the shop not only provides various kinds of high quality coffee, but also comes equipped with useful and cool high-tech gadgets, such as the super big 110" projector screen, free WiFi, and the audiovisual terrace.

For the purpose of showing the making of a cup of coffee from the beginning to the end to their customers, WAF EVOLUTION POWER, helped them to install the Brickcom CB-100Ae cube cameras in different places in the shop. At first glance, customers will see the advertisement of the shop, and after they order the coffee, they can enjoy the complete process of brewing the coffee via the 42" monitor, as if they were brewing their desirable coffee in person.

Thanks to the tiny, covert, and elegant design, the Brickcom CB-100Ae megapixel cube IP cameras are the perfect fit in the atmosphere of the coffee shop. By offering this exclusive and unique service, CAFETERÍA BREZO successfully attracts a greater number of customers and effectively differentiates itself from other competitors.