Chile's Major Shopping Mall Maintains Security with Brickcom IP Cameras

Client : Paseo Arauco Estación
Location : Santiago, Chile
Product Application : Retail Surveillance
Solution : OSD-040, OB-202Np, MD-300Np-360P, FD-132Np

Paseo Arauco Estación is one of the most famous shopping malls in Chile. Located at San Borja Bus Station (the biggest Bus station in Chile) and close to Estación Alameda (the only railway station in Santiago after the closure of Estación Mapocho), Paseo Arauco Estación boasts its popularity with over 48 million visits a year, or 131,500 visits each day on average.

With the tremendous amount of people coming to Paseo Arauco Estación, as well as the amount of cash flow coming after the crowd, maintaining the security of the people, transactions, and properties, is not only a great challenge to the mangement of this shopping mall, but also key to its continuity of success and growth. Furthermore, Paseo Arauco Estación is more than just a big and famous shopping mall – it is the hub for many bus routes and the railway. Somehow Paseo Arauco Estación cannot be left out when it comes to the security issues of San Borja Bus Station and Estación Alameda.

To serve these security purposes well, the authority of Paseo Arauco Estación deployed the IP surveillance system with the cutting-edge technologies. For different areas in and around the shopping mall, different types of Brickcom cameras are installed to meet the needs, including the OSD-040 outdoor speed dome camera, the OB-202Np outdoor bullet camera, the MD-300Np-360P Panomorph 360° mini dome camera, and the FD-132Np fixed dome camera. All these cameras specialize in the night vision capability and WDR to provide the outstanding video quality even at night, and deliver up to the 3-megapixel video. The MD-300Np-360P camera, equipped with the ImmerVision Enables Panomorph lens, provides much more image details than the fisheye camera, and allows the security officers to liveview and record and playback the video with everything in the area included, which is very useful when searching and tracking the suspects.