Brickcom Provides WiMAX IP Solution for Daxin Materials Corp

Client : Daxin Materials Corp
Location : Taichung, Taiwan
Parner : Quicken System Integration Co.,Ltd.
Product Application : Industrial & Wireless Surveillance
Solution : FD-100Ap, OB-100Ap, WIXB-100, WIXC-100

In July 2006, AU Optronics Corporation created subsidiary, Daxin Materials Corporations, which specializes in providing advanced chemical materials used in the manufacturing of LCD panels. Daxin excelled in developing and manufacturing chemical materials and in 2010, AUO begin developing plans to build a new Daxin plant in the Taichung Science Park in Taiwan.

Since this new plant would serve as a model for future surveillance systems for the AUO group, AUO focused on designing a cutting-edge IP surveillance system. After considering several factors such as price, after sale service required and future expansion needs, AUO decided to install a Brickcom WiMAX IP surveillance system. The Brickcom IP system offered low installation costs, minimal cabling, remote management, and local support. Brickcom local support offered valuable pre-installation design support and training for installing the wireless IP system.

Brickcom WiMAX IP Solution
AUO had a combination of 19 Brickcom OB-100Ap Bullet and 22 FD-100Ap Fixed Dome network cameras installed around the Daxin plant. The OB-100Ap Bullet cameras were installed around the fence surrounding the plant and the loading dock. The Brickcom Bullet cameras with IR LED provide superior night vision and detailed outdoor surveillance. The OB-100A features a motorized lens which shortens installation time by allowing the user to remotely focus the camera via the camera’s User Interface. The 22 FD-100Ap Fixed Dome cameras were installed inside the plant’s office. The 3-axis design allowed AUO to adjust the camera to capture the desired angels.

To reduce the cabling required to transmit the data from each camera back to the central control room, AUO utilized the Brickcom WiMAX solution. The outdoor Bullet cameras were connected to 6 WIXC-100 CPEs which transmitted the video data to 3 WIXB-100 Base Stations which were connected to the local network. The data was transmitted back to a central control room where the security staff could monitor all corners of the plant.

Equipment List

Model Name Product Name QuantityCb
OB-100Ap Megapixel Bullet Network Camera 19
FD-100Ap Megapixel Fixed Dome Network Camera 22
WIXB-100 WiMAX Outdoor BS 3
WIXC-100 WiMAX Outdoor CPE 6