Stockholm Facility Management Company's Asset in Good Hands with Brickcom Cameras

Location : Stockholm, Sweden
Parner : DoNet
Product Application : Commercial Surveillance
Solution : VD-300Np, NUUO NVR

Physical security is one integral part of facility management, to protect the employees, assets, tenants, and business in the properties. Manned guarding is one common means for physical security. However, in Stockholm which is one of the 20 most expensive cities in the world, a high-quality video surveillance system can not only save a significant amount of security labor and cost, but also monitor the spots the whole time. This is what DoNet has been doing for its client which is one of Stockholm's largest facility management companies.

The key factors of a high-quality video surveillance system includes superior image details, high reliability, ease of deployment, and ease of use. DoNet adopted a few different camera brands before, but for this client’s recent projects, DoNet started to use the Brickcom VD-300Np IP cameras.

The Brickcom VD-300Np vandal dome IP network camera is equipped with the Sony Exmor sensor, which is capable of the 3-megapixel resolution and superior night vision. In addition, Brickcom WDR Enhancement® enables the VD-300Np to see things clearly even if the objects are in strong backlight. Furthermore, the VD-300Np is IK10 vandal-proof and IP67 weather-proof, which means it can work reliably in the harsh environments. All these capabilities enables the VD-300Np to deliver the best image quality with trusted reliability, whether during the day or at night.

The VD-300Np also features SmartFocus®, which allows the installer to adjust the zoom and focus on a network connection. This feature makes the installation work a lot easier and faster. After the cameras are mounted and connected to the network, the installer can adjust the zoom and focus in the control room. SmartFocus® is a great time and cost saver, since it saves a lot of labor on-site and the installer can stay away from the bad weather and dangerous locations.

Combined with superior image details, high reliability, and ease of deployment and use, the VD-300Np is the outstanding camera choice for DoNet and it’s facility management client to reduce costs, add value, and stay competitive.