Brickcom Cameras Provide Smooth Transition from Analog to IP for Chungwa Telecom

Client : Coco Fresh Tea & Juice and Chunghwa Telecom (CHT)
Location : Taiwan
Parner : Chunghwa Telecom (CHT)
Product Application : Retail & Telecom Surveillance
Solution : FD-100Ap

Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) the largest telecommunications and network company in Taiwan, offers several networking services to their clients, including a remote monitoring service called Clarivoyant. With Clairvoyant, CHT offers video surveillance and an image hosting platform for users to remotely monitor their business, homes, and other property. When Clairvoyant was first introduced, CHT used analog cameras and video servers. CHT decided to switch to IP cameras because of the remote access, high megapixel quality, and greater scalability offered by each camera. CHT selected IP cameras manufactured by Brickcom because of their clear picture quality and customizable design.

The Clairvoyant service is offered to home and business owners. By purchasing the service, CHT will install the IP cameras and ADSL onsite and provide the image hosting platform for remote monitoring. Their surveillance system can be accessed anywhere remotely by accessing CHT’s image hosting platform.

Customized Solution
Brickcom FD-100Ap cameras' high resolution sensors offer megapixel resolution at up to 30 frames per second, providing clear recognition and real time coverage. With H.264 compression, the video can be transmitted with fewer bandwidth requirements and no fear of image degradation. The Power over Ethernet feature offers CHT easier installation over the previously used analog cameras.

Brickcom offered CHT a customized image administrator concept for its Clairvoyant service. Due to the unique nature of the service, CHT needed to have all camera operation and recording managed by the Clairvoyant interface. Brickcom offered CHT a design customized to meet the needs of its platform.

Coco Fresh Tea & Juice
Since being founded in Taiwan in 1997, Coco Fresh Tea & Juice has expanded its signature Taiwanese tapioca milk tea and fresh teas and juices to over 600 stores worldwide. Coco is committed to providing the best quality, service, and cleanliness to its customers through the best products and the finest management team.

To improve management and security of their 60 Taiwan locations, Coco approached Chunghwa Telecom (CHT), the largest telecommunications and network company in Taiwan, to utilize their Clairvoyant remote monitoring service. CHT installed 2 Brickcom FD-100Ap Fixed Dome network cameras at each Coco store located in northern Taiwan. Coco management can monitor each store by logging onto CHT’s image hosting site and reviewing live view and recorded video. With the Clairvoyant service, Coco management was able to reduce costs by not having to purchase onsite recording equipment for each store.


Equipment List

Model Name Product Name Quantity
FD-100Ap Megapixel Day & Night Fixed Dome Network Camera 200