Fantastic Snow World! Ogni Murmanska Secured by Brickcom IP Cameras

Client : Ogni Murmanska
Location : Murmansk Oblast, Russia
Parner : GrandPrix
Product Application : Snow Park Surveillance
Solution : VD-300Np

Ogni Murmanska, located in Murmansk, is one of the most famous snow parks in Russia which attracts numerous tourists around the world. The visitors are always amazed at the extremely fabulous ski slopes, and travel here again and again to experience the excitement of the speedy sport. Meanwhile, parents love to take their children to spend the holiday in the Ogni Murmanska with joy and smiles. In order to provide a safe entertainment environment for the visitors, Ogni Murmanska deployed a high quality IP-based video surveillance system for the 24hr monitoring and emergency prevention, thus, people can enjoy the fantastic snow world without worries and fears.

With the Sony Exmor sensor, Brickcom VD-300Np vandal dome IP camera is capable of the 3-megapixel resolution and superior night vision. In addition, Brickcom WDR Enhancement® enables the VD-300Np to view the images clearly even if the objects are in strong backlight. Furthermore, the VD-300Np is IK10 vandal-proof and IP67 weather-proof, therefore, it can definitely work stably in the harsh environments. All these capabilities enables the VD-300Np to deliver the best image quality with trusted reliability, whether during the day or at night.

The VD-300Np also features SmartFocus®, which allows the installer to adjust the zoom and focus remotely and easily. This feature makes the installation work a lot easier and faster. After the cameras are installed and connected to the network, the installer can adjust the zoom and focus in the control room. SmartFocus® is a great time and cost saver, since it saves a lot of labor on-site and the installer can stay away from the bad weather and dangerous locations.

Combined with superior image details, high reliability, and ease of deployment and use, the VD-300Np is the outstanding camera choice for Ogni Murmanska to achieve the risk management and improve the overall safety quality of the snow park.