Outstanding IP Surveillance Solution for La Resèrve Hôtel

Client : La Resèrve Hôtel
Location : Switzerland
Parner : Technicam
Product Application : Hotel Surveillance
Solution : MD-H600Np-360-AL DN, OB-302-NE-STAR, OB-500 AP-V6, VD-202NE-V6

La Resèrve Hôtel, one of the top luxury hotels in Switzerland, required modern security equipment to combine with its existing analog CCTV system. The aim was to upgrade the premium-class glitzy hotel with a higher quality and more advanced surveillance solution that could harmoniously blend in with the hotel’s luxurious interior. The Hotel Manager approached Brickcom partner, Technicam,  to work out a system with extensive camera coverage and increased recording capacity.   

Brickcom's Solution
The solution recommended by Technicam/Brickcom was well received by the hotel’s management team as it offered more coverage across the hotel. Building on the existing analog system, Technicam provided an IP-Surveillance solution that incorporated the hotel’s existing cameras and Brickcom’s new network cameras. Additional customized camera poles were also made by Technicam to fit in the classy hotel environment. A 36-channel DS-8236 RM PRO NVR + Video Encoder was installed for easily offering dramatically lower bit rates and better picture quality. Technicam also installed Brickcom MD-H600Np-360-AL DN, OB-302-NE-STAR, OB-500 AP-V6 and VD-202NE-V6 Network Cameras. The new MD-H600Np-360-AL DN Network Camera offers 6 megapixel resolution and 360 degree high video quality. It is equipped with the Back-illuminated Sony sensor and Brickcom 3D-DNR technology which contribute to the crystal clear image and super low-lux performance. Thanks to the built-in IR illuminators and IP 67 robust design, the camera is capable of providing superior day and night images for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. As a result, La Resèrve Hôtel was extremely satisfied with this fabulous solution.  

Project Result
“We were really impressed by the image and the service quality provided by Technicam. I’m very happy with the result, and the safety of our guests is certainly assured with the new surveillance system around.” The hotel manager said.  

La Resèrve Hôtel is now equipped with a high-quality advanced surveillance system which fits its needs perfectly. By integrating the existing analog CCTV system the total extra cost was drastically reduced. The overall number of cameras in the hotel however has been increased to ensure optimum surveillance. Thanks to Brickcom and Technicam’s efforts, the outcome of the project was a modern, reliable and trouble-free CCTV surveillance system that will continue to protect La Resèrve Hôtel ‘s guests, employees and properties.