Chocolate Factory Creates Wireless Surveillance System with Brickcom Cameras

Client : Udarnitsa Chocolate Factory
Location : Moscow, Russia
Parner : Grand Prix
Product Application : Factory & Wireless Surveillance
Solution : CB-100Ap, WCB-100Ap

The Urdanitsa Chocolate Factory was founded in 1929 by Karneex, Gorshanova & CO. as part of the Shabolovskaya brewery trading house. Karneex, Gorshanova & CO’s products are widely known throughout Moscow and other Russian cities and are supplied to the Russian Imperial Majesty’s court.
Today Udarnitsa is one of the largest enterprises in Russia. Urdanitsa produces over 50 types of sweet products, such as marshmallows in chocolate marmalade lemon wedges, fruit candy vanialla, and cranberries in powdered sugar. Urdanitsa had previously installed a surveillance system in their factory location in Moscow, Russia. But when they wanted to installed a surveillance system in their office, they consulted with Brickcom’s Russian partner, Grand Prix, to develop a surveillance system.

Based on Urdanitsa’s requirements for an unobtrusive surveillance system which could be used to monitor the office without making employees feel uncomfortable with the surveillance, Grand Prix recommended Brickcom’s CB-100A Cube camera series. The CB-100A offers a sleek design which can easily blend into an office environment while still providing clear image quality. The built-in two way audio feature of the Cube camera enabled Urdanitsa to monitor the office without having to install additional sound equipment.
For recording equipment, Urdanitsa used the Brickcom BRC-64 PC-based recording software. The BRC-64 offers an easy to use live view and recording solution for managing the office surveillance system. With scheduled and event based recording, Urdanitsa management could configure the Cube cameras to record at scheduled intervals or only when motion was detected. Included free with each Cube camera, the BRC-64 creates a more affordable surveillance system for Urdanitsa by saving costs on recording equipment.

The Brickcom surveillance solution offered Udarnitsa higher management efficiency and the lower installation cost. With the easy to use design of the CB-100A and BRC-64 recording software, Grand Prix quickly installed this surveillance system and Urdanitsa management has no problems ensuring the productivity and safe working environment in their office.

A management representative from Udarnitsa said, “We are very happy with the Brickcom CB-100Ap cameras. This is a very fashionable product which does not [intimidate our employees], and [adds a] very nice [addition to] our office. The recording software is also very easy to use for managing our cameras and reviewing recorded videos.”

Equipment List

Model Name Product Name Quantity
CB-100Ap Megapixel Cube Network Camera 6
WCB-100Ap Megapixel Cube Network Camera 2
DWRT-600N Dual Band Wireless N Router 2
PS-5881 8-Port 10/100M PoE Fast Ethernet Switch 2
BRC64-PC-based PC-based NVR 1