Brickcom IP Cameras Offer Pakistan Bank Centralized Surveillance Solution

Client : Allied Bank of Pakistan
Location : Pakistan
Parner : Astaa Technologies
Product Application : Banking Surveillance
Solution : FD-100Ae, OB-100Ae

Allied Bank Limited Background
With almost 70 years of history, the Allied Bank of Pakistan is one of the first banks to be established in Pakistan. It was first founded in Lahore by the name of Australasia Bank before becoming independent in 1942. The name was changed in 1974 to Allied Bank of Pakistan Limited and then in 2005 to its current name, Allied Bank Limited. Due to capital reconstruction, in August 2004 ownership of the Bank was transferred to a consortium that comprised of Ibrahim Leasing Limited and Ibrahim Group. Today, after existing for over 60 years, the Bank has built itself a foundation with strong equity, assets and a deposit base. It offers universal banking services, while placing major emphasis on retail banking. The Bank also has the largest network of online branches - over 800 in Pakistan - and offers various technology-based products and services to its diverse clientele.

Allied Bank Limited was looking for a surveillance solution for its 350 ATM vestibules located across Pakistan. The surveillance solution would need to cover activities at every ATM vestibule and then transmit video back to a centralized control room. Pakistani system integrator, Astaa Technologies, proposed a Brickcom IP surveillance solution for superior product quality, easy installation, stability and excellent service.

Brickcom Camera Solution Managed by Milestone Software
Astaa Technologies installed over 350 Brickcom FD-100Ae Fixed Dome and OB-100Ae Bullet cameras at over 60 Allied Bank Limited branches. The camera’s high resolution sensors offer megapixel resolution at up to 30 frames per second, providing clear recognition and real time coverage of people entering and exiting the ATM vestibules. The high quality image can even be used for evidential purposes. With H.264 compression, the video can be transmitted with fewer bandwidth requirements and no fear of image degradation.

The installation of over 350 cameras at different locations across the country had the potential to become very costly. However, with the Power over Ethernet transmission option of the FD-100Ae and OB-100Ae, the Brickcom cameras could easily be installed saving both time and money. The IP transmission enabled the Allied Bank Limited management to remotely access the video from any number of branch offices from a single location, centralizing the surveillance management and reducing security costs.

The cameras were remotely managed using Milestone XProtect® Enterprise 6.5 software which provides a coherent overview of all cameras, recordings, and user settings. With an open platform, the software can easily be used to manage a growing network if Allied Bank Limited adds more bank branches or IP cameras.

Safer Banking Experiences
The Brickcom IP surveillance solution provides an easily managed system with lower installation costs. The improved picture quality provides clear facial recognition for people inside the ATM vestibule, providing high quality images which can be used for evidential purposed in cases of lawsuits or stolen identify. With remote access and management of the surveillance video, Allied Bank Limited management can provide quicker response time when action is needed to protect staff and assets.