How to use DVD backup on Brickcom NVR local display?

User can back up recorded files and image via USB Type DVD burner in the following two methods.

Method 1: backup on local display interface

Step1. Insert USB type DVD burner in USB backup port.

Step2. Once NVR detects it, "export files" and "snapshot" button will be activated. Users can select a desired image or video to export confidential videos or capture crutial image from Brickcom NVR

Method 2: Quick Backup via Hardware USB BACKUP button or Software USB Backup Button

Step1. Enable DVD backup feature in configuration page: Management > USB Backup > DVD Backup
      * Note: USB backup and DVD backup will be enabled and disabled at the same time.

Step2. Choose "The latest duration of recordings" and "Channels"
      * Note: The time period to backup is counted from now to previous time.

Step3. Insert USB type DVD burner in USB backup port.

Step4. Press USB backup button on NVR or click DVD Backup on UI (user interface) to start back up 
        (or click “Apply” button to save settings for future backup usage)