What is the naming rule of video files in Brickcom NVR?

Brickcom NVR writes and memorizes videos to HDD in every 5 minutes. This way can ensure all videos are well saved when encountering power outage or other accidents. Besides, when exporting videos, each videos file is in around 5 minutes as well. In this way, it is clear for users to search for the videos they are aiming for.

The naming rule of video files is “(year)(month)(day)-(hour)(minute)(second)- (hour)(minute)(second)_(IP Address)-(Channel No).”

For example:

File : 20140509-000500-001000_192.168.1.11-CH2

Camera channel : Number2

Recording period : From 00:05:00 to 00:10:00 on 2014-May-09

Camera IP address :