3G & APP

How to setup and configure the 4G camera?

Step1. Prepare a 4G SIM card, the SIM card should be mini SIM size.

*4G camera supports the frequency below:

B1(2100 MHz) / B2(1900 MHz) / B3(1800 MHz) / B5(850MHz) / B7(2600 MHz) / B8(900MHz) / B20(800 MHz)

Step2. Take out the lens cover and insert the 4G SIM card to camera.

Step3. Login the camera web page, configure the 4G setting to build up the 4G connection.

Step3.1 Go to LTE/3G page and enable the LTE function.

Step3.2 Fill in the related information for LTE connection, such as the APN, PIN code etc. The information is related to Telecom Provider.

Step3.3 It will display the LTE connection status and also the IP information.

Stpe4. Change the network gateway setting to 4G, and then camera can go through Internet via 4G connection.

Step4.1 The default Gateway setting is Wired, and please change to LTE/3G for the LTE connection.

Step4.2 Once the Gateway setting is TLE/3G, it will display the information at LTE/3G page.

Step4.3 The Network/IP information will also be updated, you can check the device information page to know the details.

Stpe5. Now the LTE camera can go through Internet via LTE connection.