3G & APP

How to use Android App IP Camera View Lite to view Brickcom IP Camera?

Follow the steps below to get the video streaming on Android Phone.


Step1. Go to the Video Configuration page and configure the stream setting as the parameters below.
Video codec as MJPEG for stream2
Resolution as 720x576 or lower
Frame Rate as 25 fps or lower
Quality as 3 or lower
The Video settings of 3GPP will need to be configured depends on the bandwidth of your network environment. The configuration just for the reference.

Step2. Go to the HTTP/HTTPS Configuration page and configure the HTTP port, e.g. 8006.

Step3. Configure the Port Forwarding rule in Router. Add the port 8006 to IP Camera’s IP Address.

Step4. Connect Android Phone to Internet, via 3G or Wi-Fi. Download and install the IP Cam Viewer Lite.

Step5. Login IP Cam Viewer Lite and enable camera option, click add/edit button.

Step6.Edit the IP Camera information as below and save it.
Make: Brickcom
Model: Brickcom IP Camera
Host/IP: Router’s WAN IP Address
HTTP Port: port number (e.g. 8006)
User: admin
Pawd: admin

Step7. Get the video streaming on your phone.

Step8. PTZ feature supported.