How to use NVS of Brickcom PC-NVR (BRC64)?

Step 1,
• 1. Start the PC-NVR, go to settings\NVS settings.
• 2. Change the Web Service Port No. as your prefer.
• 3. Click start to start the NVS service.

Step 2,
1. Put the IP address of the PC-NVR
2. Install the ActiveX from the pop up notification

Put the username and password to log in

Step 4,


If you see the error message as the picture below “Cannot connect to the Server”
Please check the following

1. Disable your anti virus and firewall,

2. Please check the if you have reach the maximum number for remote liveview

3. Please make sure you have install the
    Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package
    You may download it by click Download