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How to use Brickcom CamViewer to view Brickcom IP camera

Add camera:

Add by UID : Users can input the UID manually or use QR code to add the camera.

Add by IP : Users can add the camera by input the camera IP address and port numbers.
Note : It doesn't support to use domain name url to add camera, but only IP address in current version.

Add by Local Search : If users want to view the camera in local network environment, it can add multiple cameras by local search(UPnP search)

Note : If you want to access the camera through Internet, please make sure to forward the camera HTTP port and RTSP port if the camera is behind a router.

View camera:

In Camera list, select the camera that want to view and input the user name and password to access the camera.

High : Camera stream1

Low : Camera stream3 (If users disable camera stream3 on camera settings, it would not be able to view image with Low quality)

Record : Users can press Record button to record the camera stream to the phone.

Snapshot : Users can press Spapshot button to take a snapshot of the camera view to the phone

Talk : Users can press Talk button to talk with the camera. (2-way Audio)

Delete Cameras :

Press and hold the camera that want to delete on Camera list to delete the camera

File Folder :

Users can view the recorded video clips and snapshots in the File list.


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