Can I use HDMI and VGA for Brickcom NVR at the same time?

Brickcom NVR supports local display function allowing you to monitor cameras on two monitors at the same time.

  • Models with HDMI and VGA port for local display:

          NR-4000+, NR-8000-RM+, NR-16000-RM+Series

  • Models with HDMI and DVI-I port for local display:

          NR-2000+ Series

Mirror display scenario

Scenario A: If both monitors are Full HD(1920x1080),those will be shown as Ful lHD.

Scenario B: If both monitors are XGA (1024x768), those will be shown as XGA in both.

Scenario C: If one of monitors is 1920x1080 and another is 1024x768, both monitors   

              will be set as 1024x768.

Dual display scenario

Scenario: If both monitors are Full HD (1920x1080), those will be shown as Full HD.

*Note: 1024 X 768 resolutions is not supported in dual display.