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How to use a BlackBerry to view Brickcom IP Camera?

Follow the steps below to get the video streaming on BlackBerry.


Step1. Go to the Video Configuration page and configure the stream setting as the parameters below.
Aspect Ratio as 4:3
Video codec as MPEG4 or H.264 for stream1 and stream2
Resolution as 640x480 or lower
Frame Rate as 15fps or lower
Quality as 3 or lower

Step2. Go to the Video Configuration page and configure the RTSP Server. Set the Port number for the RTSP, e.g. 6001.

Step3. Configure the Port Forwarding rule in Router. Add the port 6001 to IP Camera’s IP Address.

Step4. Go to the main function of BlackBerry, click Brower function. Take the BlackBerry Bold 9700 as example.

Step5. Keyin the Router’s WAN IP Addressto the URLcolumn. The URL format should be rtsp://[Router’s WAN IP Address]:[rtsp port]/channel1 or rtsp://[Router’s WAN IP Address]:[rtsp port]/channel2. E.g. rtsp://

Step6. Start processing the streaming data of IP Camera.

Step7. Get the video streaming on your BlackBerry.

*BlackBerry supports MPEG4 and H.264 codec for viewing streaming.
*The H.264 streaming can only be viewed with resolution 320x192(QVGA)
*Video Quality cannot be configured too high
*By default setting, the channel2 cannot be viewed. (Channel2 is MJPEG codec)