FocusEasy™ - Beep to Find

Conventionally, it is common that two or more people work together to "ensure a surveillance camera is focused", with at least one person adjusting the camera lens on the site and another one checking the image and giving instruction in the central room. Due to the communication difficulties and the video transmission latency, focusing the camera in this way is often time-consuming, especially when installing the camera outdoors, setting up large numbers of cameras, or working with the unskillful installers.

What’s FocusEasy™?
FocusEasy™ is a unique and innovative technology which makes focusing a camera easier, faster, and all by yourself! FocusEasy™ allows the installer to simply rely on his/her hearing to get this task done quickly and perfectly. With 3 simple steps, even a first-time user can focus the camera in 1 minute with the help of FocusEasy™.

Brickcom’s FocusEasy™ facilitates the process with its innovative software algorithm, without adding cost to the camera hardware. In the focusing process, the focus states can be informed to the installer by the buzzer. The farther the image is from the focus, the longer intervals between the successive beeps. When the image gets closer to the focus, the beeps go faster. When the image is focused, the buzzer will make a long beep for 3 seconds for notification.

What’s More.....
For the users who always want to ensure the image clarity with their eyes, FocusEasy™ supports the On-Screen Display (OSD) on the TV-out video. The OSD indicator value is updated in real time, ranging from 0 to 100, and the value 100 means the image is perfectly focused. The OSD support is a great assistance, especially for the CCTV testers with a small screen. FocusEasy™ significantly simplifies the installation and reduces the labor time to a minimum.

Beep to Find!
Brickcom FocusEasy™ conquers the focusing problems by its innovative algorithm without adding extra hardware cost. FocusEasy™ significantly improves the installation efficiency and reduces the labor cost to a minimum.