Edge AI - Brickcom Technology

Brickcom, a leading provider of IP video product solutions, is preparing to launch new AI products and solutions in the upcoming season.

Brickcom's new Edge AI solution recognizes human faces, bodies, gestures, objects and scenes on the device for specific visual recognition in smart home and smart surveillance applications.

In addition, Brickcom's Edge AI computing capabilities allow cameras to instantly detect multiple faces, verify identities, and recognize dangerous objects. This can also be applied to traffic control such as license plate detection and lane control.

Brickcom's Edge AI technology combines proprietary software and hardware design to create an efficient solution. Running AI calculations on end devices will help generate real-time insights without relying on the cloud. Make it faster, more reliable, and more secure, while significantly reducing costs and reliance on the cloud. We believe this progressive AI solution will bring more attention and value to our customers without worrying about personal data sent to the cloud.


       Face Recognition

  • Face detection: detect and track individuals in real time with high accuracy.
  • Face recognition: quickly and accurately recognize individuals using minimal training data on device.
  • Liveness detection: determine whether the faces are real or photos.


       Body & Gesture Recognition

  • Body recognition: recognize human bodies and the posture.
  • Gesture recognition: detect and recognize hand gestures.
  • People counting count the number of people, position and distance.


       Object & Scene Recognition

  • Object recognition: detect a wide range of objects on device in real time.
  • Scene recognition: interpret an image and write a sentence to describe the scene.
  • License plate recognition and lane detection: recognize license plates, and detect lane lines to assist driving safety.