SmartFocus® - Tip to Catch

Too many users are tired of spending so much time on outdoor camera focus adjustment. Adjust the focus manually almost drive users crazy and would not be the smartest way for focusing especially in different security scenarios. Without the right focus, user would not be able to collect enough details even though they have the great surveillance tools.

What’s SmartFocus®?
SmartFocus® is a special Brickcom camera feature which works with the motorized lens module, but focuses the image just once and is aimed at speeding up the installation. SmartFocus® focuses the image automatically just once, and then stays at the point until the next time the user does the optical zoom-in/zoom-out. The technology allows the users to be able to focus the camera from their computer without having to physically go to the camera location site.

Brickcom SmartFocus® strikes a balance among the hardware cost, hardware warranty, and usability; the feature allows the users remotely focus the camera anywhere there is internet connectivity remotely.

With built-in Brickcom SmartFocus® technology, Brickcom cameras can be installed easily and quickly through the combination of smart features such as remote zoom for adjusting the angle of view over the network and remote focus that eliminates the need for manual focusing.

Be Faster Catcher! Experince Brickcom SmartFocus® Evolution!
The latest Brickcom technology - SmartFocus® generation Ⅱ, which focus the objet easily and faster than before, helps the users installation become more efficiently.