i-Mode - Perfect Every Moment

In order to set up the most suitable profile to meet different kind of environment, users need to adjust numerous setting, such as brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation, exposure control, AE speed etc. However, most of unprofessional IP camera users always feel complicated and confused when set up the cameras. It not only cost lots of efforts but also time-consuming. Brickcom wonders, there should be a smarter surveillance system to help users ease their life with a friendlier user platform.

What’s i-Mode?
Brickcom i-Mode technology aims to build an easy-to-use platform for users to select the appropriate mode efficiently even the user never use the IP camera before. Brickcom collects various different environment’s specific factors to set up the suitable parameter for each scenario and save in the camera for default, user can select the proper scene mode based on their needs, it just take 3 seconds to finish the camera setting. With Brickcom i-Mode technology, users significantly simplify the installation and reduce the labor time to a minimum.


What’s More.....
i-Mode technology also has a customize choice - “Smart Auto”. Smart Auto mode can detect the different kind of changes of the environment and automatically adjust the parameter to the most suitable setting to fit specific criteria. The original scene setting can cover almost 90% of scenario; however, if the users want to modify some personal camera setting, they still can adjust the parameter manually through the user platform.

Be Smart! Perfect Every Moment!
i-Mode technology provides users a smart and friendly platform to set up cameras faster and easier than before,  helps the users installation become more efficiently.