EVBR - Enhanced Variable Bitrate

The video compression is a crucial factor for surveillance industry, Brickcom - Enhanced Variable Bitrate technology aims to provide a superior bandiwdth solution for users to control and manage the bandwidth consumption. 

CBR stands for “Constant Bitrate”, constant bit rate encoding means that the rate at which a codec's output data should be consumed is constant; in other words, the amount of network bandwidth required for transmitting data is predictable. Users can manage the bandwidth resource easier and the amount of variation can be specified. However, CBR cannot allocate the enough bandwidth for specific section while the event was triggered or the region of interest had something appear. Therefore, the image quality and frame rate will be downgraded, users may not be able to get complete video information while wasting the bandwidth on motionless sections.  

VBR stands for “Variable Bitrate”, users can allocate more bandwidth to specific section while the event happened or there’s some movement in the interested region. With VBR, users are able to have more flexibility to manage the image quality in different kind of surveillance application and save more bandwidth when the section is still. Nevertheless, users also face a problem that the maximum bandwidth consumption is unpredictable. Since the activity might be very complicate, the network infrastructure must to supply the sufficient throughputs to support the VBR encoding.

Brickcom EVBR
In order to improve VBR encoding capability, Brickcom developed the latest EVBR technology to provide better encoding capability with predictable bandwidth consumption. The camera default will set up the limitation of the bandwidth which can guarantee that the maximum bandwidth can meet the high resolution image quality requirement but not exceed the preset limit. Therefore, users are able to manage both the bandwidth and surveillance system quality effectively than before.

Ease Your Life!
EVBR technology can adjust the maximum bandwidth with users’ experience, the upgrade of bandwidth utilization ease the customers’ life and provide superior surveillance quality.