EasyLink™ - Easy with EasyLink™

When comparing IP Camera technology with CCTV technology, it is very easy to see why IP cameras represent the fastest growing product segment in the video surveillance market. IP cameras utilize Internet Protocol to transmit visual and audio data over a computer network and through the internet. The use of IP creates one of the strongest advantages for IP cameras: remote accessibility. With the proper configuration, the video surveillance from IP cameras can be accessed from virtually any location with access to the internet. However, the use of IP can bring about a technical barrier because remotely accessing an IP camera requires knowledge of networking settings, such as port forwarding, DDNS, and router settings. This can deter users from using IP technology if they feel they do not have the necessary knowledge or the financial resources to hire a professional.

What’s Easylink?
Brickcom Corporation has designed an EasyLink™ feature which offers a unique and easy solution for remotely accessing IP cameras. Requiring no networking or port forwarding configuration, EasyLink™ allows users to assign a unique domain name to their IP camera which can be accessed from virtually any location worldwide.

EasyLink™ uses NAT Traversal to circumvent a router's firewall and automatically obtain the camera's IP address. It eliminates the need for a user to remember a camera's IP address EasyLink™ creates a camera which is now easily accessible, both locally and remotely.

What’s More?
EasyLink™ function is easy to use. To view the video feed, the user simply has to log onto mybrickcom.com, choose a domain name to be assigned to the camera, and then start viewing. The video feed will then be viewable from an internet browser by going to (the_assigned_domain_name).mybrickcom.com. For added security, the web address is protected by a username and password chosen by the user.

EasyLink™ can also work on PC-NVR! Let's see the tutorial!