Smart Storage - Brickcom Technology

Brickcom Corporation, a leading IP video product solution provider, is proud to announce the smart home product - Smart Storage Technology.

Brickcom Smart Storage provides a secured edge storage for the streaming taken by Brickcom’s camera devices. User will never be afraid that the valuable video or data gets loosen due to power-cut, poor internet signal or the storage getting physically. Apart from the edge (device embedded) storage in current market, Brickcom Smart Storage is able to solve the most hassling issues for users as below:

1. Sudden power-cut: Brickcom, as a professional security camera provider, deeply understands that users’ valuable information often gets dropped due to environmental condition, old infrastructure and broken accessories. Brickcom’s Smart Storage offers a perfect solution for this situation. Even though there is no power-input, Smart Storage is able to keep buffering your data in the camera until the power gets back.

2. Internet signal dropped/ network facility broken: Brickcom, a broadband IP facility solution provider, knows that there are so many uncertain factors that might negatively affect network signal. Accordingly, Smart Storage can prevent the video data from being dropped as bad network situation. Video streaming will be safely buffered in the camera until the network problem resolved.

3. Storage is not well-secured/ stolen easily (especially USB and SD storage): All of security camera users almost had experience that the important data dropped due to removable storage (SD or USB storage) gets stolen or broken. Brickcom Camera with built-in eMMC storage 100% reliable and irremovable. User will never be worry about the data gets dropped because of environmental or unsecured issue.

Additionally, Along with Brickcom’s battery saving and compressing technology, Brickcom Smart Storage’s built-in eMMC can buffer video streaming upto 500 days, Users don't need to worry about valuable video missing.